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Truss Construction Identification

Section 382-a of the Executive Law provides that commercial and industrial buildings and structures that utilize truss type construction shall be marked by a sign or symbol that informs persons conducting fire control and other emergency operations of the existence of truss construction. Section 382-a further directs the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council to promulgate rules and regulations it deems necessary to carry into effect the provisions of the statute. This Part establishes certain requirements pertaining to the identification of buildings and structures that utilize truss type construction.

We do have these type of buildings in Broome County. The brand new Christmas tree Shop in Johnson City is an example of this type of construction.

Click here for more information about what the symbol means and how to read it.

Click here for the entire text of  Title 19  NYCRR  PART 1264 - Identification of Buildings Utilizing Truss Type Construction

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