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Volunteers are needed as Firefighters, Drivers, Support Personnel and many other jobs at your local volunteer fire company

*All Broome County fire departments are volunteer with the exception of the City of Binghamton, Village of Endicott and Village of Johnson City Fire Departments

Broome County Fire Truck

All Broome County volunteer fire companies are in need of new members. For many the need is urgent! If you have an interest in helping your community, learning some new skills for employment or becoming part of a community organization, maybe the volunteer fire service is for you.

Volunteer fire companies provide a wide variety of services to the community - firefighting, rescue, water rescue, rope rescue, traffic control, medical assistance, assistance with community events such as parades. Every fire company is different. To find out what your fire company is involved in, please contact your local fire department.

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While interior firefighters are certainly the greatest need in most areas, volunteers are needed for a wide variety of tasks in local fire departments:

  • Fire Police to provide traffic and crowd control at accidents and other emergencies
  • Drivers and pump operators are essential to all emergency operations
  • Support personnel are needed at the scene to move hoses, get equipment, and many other tasks
  • EMS personnel are needed for both fire department med teams and many local ambulance squads
  • People are also needed to teach fire prevention, do maintenance and cleaning of trucks, clean and make repairs at fire stations and many other tasks
  • If you have some time there is very likely a job for you at your local fire station.

All equipment and training is provided at no charge to you. Volunteer firefighters are also covered by the Volunteer Firefighter Benefits Law, similar to workers' compensation insurance, which covers you should you be injured in the line of duty.

We hope you will look over this page and see some of the unique things that the volunteer fire service in our county has to offer. If you are interested in joining please contact us. Call 778-1208 or contact us for more information on how to join!


There are a variety of reasons to volunteer in an area fire company. Here are some you may want to consider:


Approximately 2/3 of all residents in our county receive fire protection from volunteer fire companies. There are only three career fire departments in our area - City of Binghamton, Village of Endicott, and Village of Johnson City - all other residents receive fire protection from volunteers. These people are dedicated to helping others in their community.

And while putting out fires is important, volunteer firefighters do that and dozens of other jobs in their communities.


Starting with 2007, all volunteer firefighters who actively respond to calls throughout the year can take a refundable $200 tax credit on their New York state income taxes.


Volunteer firefighters receive free training in firefighting, incident command, hazardous materials, emergency medical training (EMS), and other topics. Many of these courses can assist you in new career opportunities in either the government or the private sector. The training volunteer firefighters receive can be a springboard to careers as firefighters, emergency services dispatchers, law enforcement officers, security, careers involving hazardous materials, fire prevention and fire safety, etc. Those with EMS experience often go on to careers as paid EMTs or paramedics, nurses, and other health care related careers. If you are thinking about a career in any of these areas this is a chance to "try out" a career and gain valuable experience for your resume.


If you are looking for money to attend college there are a number of scholarships available to volunteer fire and EMS volunteers.

  • FASNY Gerard J. Buckenmeyer Volunteer Scholarship Program: FASNY awards ten $1,000 scholarships annually to high school seniors entering college. They must be a son or daughter of a FASNY member or any active firefighter or junior firefighter (FASNY membership not required) to qualify. The deadline for applying is April 1st Click here for an application.
  • Central NY Fireman’s Association Scholarship (In conjunction with Volunteer Fire Insurance Services (VFIS): This is offered to any son or daughter or grandson or granddaughter of a volunteer firefighter who is a member of the Central NY Fireman’s Association. Or you may be a junior firefighter or a member of an Explorer Scout Program sponsored by a fire company that is a member of Central NY Fireman’s Association.
  • Standard Unity Life Spirit of Volunteerism Award (In Conjunction with the NYS Association of Fire Chiefs): Applicants must be an active volunteer firefighter or a son or daughter of an active volunteer firefighter, disabled volunteer firefighter or deceased volunteer firefighter. The deadline for applying is March 31 each year.
  • Ward and Janice Bohner Scholarship: Applicants must be active, associate or affiliate members in good standing of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs Association. Or the spouse or child of a member.
  • Broome County Fire Chief’s Association Ernest S. Young Tuition Assistance Program: Applicants must be active members of Broome County fire departments. Applications can be obtained from your local fire chief. The application deadline is July 1st. Scholarships and application forms are available from your Fire Chief and are usually available around May 1st.


The volunteer fire service gives you the opportunity to work alongside a variety of people in your community. Most fire companies have a number of social events throughout the years- award dinners, holiday parties, family picnics, etc. where you get a chance to become acquainted with other members and their families. This is not only a great way to meet others in your community but to meet and establish relationships with people in a variety of roles in the community


Some local fire companies offer Length-of-Service-Award Program (LOSAPS) which provide retirement income to you based on your years of service to the fire department. Other fire companies may provide group life insurance or other benefits. Be sure to ask your local fire company about any benefits that it may offer.

If you have any other information about becoming a volunteer, locating a department, or just need some general help with the process, contact us.